don’t throw away your empties!

Let me repurpose them instead. They make excellent cocktail / juiceĀ  / beer / or any other kind of beverage glasses! To purchase, click here.


tree of life

The Tree of Life is a Universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself, with it’s branches reaching for the Heavens “Father Sky” and it’s buried roots, linking to “Mother Earth.”

Many ancient mythical stories come from the idea that all living beings are born from the earth; the source of life and sustenance for all.

Legends say that the sacred dove sits in the branches of the Tree of Life and appears with the fruit of the tree and the waters of life.

The tree has become a symbol of love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, redemption, friendship, bounty and encouragement.

In homage to The Tree of Life, I have created these stunning recycled glass pendants. Each circle features an intricate wire Tree of Life and is embellished with stunning bead “leaves.” These unique pieces are all hand crafted and are one of a kind. Truly an heirloom piece not to be missed.

Sources: The Druids of Turtle Island,

on etsy

We are excited to announce that we have set up a shop on etsy!

While we are working out the final kinks here on our main site (can you say multi-tasking!), we have made all of our handcrafted jewelry and decorative accessories available for purchase via PayPal or debit / credit cards through our store there. We’d love to see you so come on by!

kansas city spirit fair

The last weekend in August we had a booth at the Kansas City Spirit Fair. This was the first time we had been to this show and it was a really great experience. The fair also featured aura photography, massage, natural healing and psychic artists, as well. It was interesting to see what everyone had to offer.

We had a great response to our line of Bio-Energetic Jewelry, which is fantastic! We hopeĀ  to attending the show again next year and say thank you to everyone that helped make it a success.

baby steps

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting during the website construction. We would love to hear from you so please drop us a comment letting us know what you think or just to say hi!

Even though there is still much to be done (baby steps!), everything you see here is available for purchase. So until our shiny new shopping cart is up and running just give us a call at 1-800-941-2889 and someone will be happy to help you pick out a recycled, truly one of a kind piece of art, handcrafted with the environment in mind.

Thanks again for stopping by!

WELCOME to the recycled glass artist

And addict! Guilty as charged.

The website is currently a work in progress but be sure to check back soon for a full array of recycled glass art pieces ranging from stunning jewelry to beautiful wind chimes. Each unique creation is handcrafted with no two being the same and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you for stopping by and look forward to seeing you!